How to Get More Like In your FaceBook Account or Page

FaceBook represents huge market potential for every business owner over internet. There are more than 1.94 billion, month active user in FaceBook. This shows dramatic people availability and consistent visiting in this social platform. FaceBook is the first and best choice for every other business to reach out their customer. All matters in this social platform are likes and you can Buy FaceBook Likes from many services provider by comparing their pricing.


Here are the tips:

1. Post a Status Update

Post an announcement saying your FaceBook page.

Try not to be hesitant to altogether request that individuals join your FaceBook page. Ask and you might get. Give them an incredible motivation behind why they ought to join, disclose to them news, or locate an innovative approach to say and connection to your page.

2. Connection to Your Page as a Place of Employment

The data box under profile pictures is being eliminated, so now in the event that you need a supreme connection on your profile to your page you should list your Page under business. When you do this your FaceBook Page will show up under your name on your Profile.

3. Offer an impetus for individuals to join

Utilizing some static “FBML” you can make a dynamic FaceBook point of arrival with a “reveal tab” that contains content that is obvious just to aficionados of your page. Include offers applications (and a few of them are absolutely free) that make it simple to make a “Fan Gate” containing motivators, similar to a record or coupon, that will make more individuals “Like” your page.

6. Introduce a page Badge

FaceBook Badges are a basic, yet convincing approach to connection to your FaceBook profile. Dissimilar to gadgets, identifications are essentially pictures, and will load significantly quicker.


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